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Porto Surgical Tourism
Health Care Group
Saúde Atlântica Clinic it's a Health Care project located in Dragão Stadium - F.C.Porto,  in a space that has 2000m2, with the best accesses, visibility and parking in Porto city.

Our main purpose is to provide you a health's space for all family, where you will be able to carry through appointments, medical examinations and treatments. For this, we have gathered a group of physicians, nurses and technicians of excellent formation, reputation and experience.

At your disposal, we have Orthopaedic
surgery, Checkup's, Sports Medicine, Heart evaluation, Dental Care, Obesity Treatment, Nose and Throat, Spine Surgery, Neurosurgery, General Surgery, Urology, Gynaecology and all the medical services that you need.

Physical exercise is important in health and welfare. We dedicate, therefore, special attention to Sports Medicine, having the privilege to support, among others, the amateur and professional athletes of Porto Football team. We intend to be a clinic accessible to all, supported by insurances and subsystems.
When providing medical care, our main concern is people. We are looking forward to serve you with humanity, ability and devotion.

Please come and meet us!
porto surgical tourism